The World Bank and Asian Development Bank (ADB) fund major projects and programmes across Asia and the Pacific with the overarching objective of reducing poverty through institutional and structural reform, as well as economic, environmental and social investment programmes.

The Waters Economics team has worked on more than 40 projects in 15 countries, providing economic, financial and institutional analysis to support loan applications or in reviewing investment performance, considering poverty, social, economic, environmental, financial, and other objectives.

Team members have often acted as mission staff, ensuring that projects will pass the necessary approvals for funding, or as fire fighters, sorting out problem projects. Several financial and economic models developed by the team have been used for staff training at the ADB.  Projects include the well-known Shanghai Suzhou Creek Rehabilitation project, as well as other projects with a total value in excess of US$15 billion.

Core Techniques

Cost Benefit Analysis | Financial Appraisal | Governance Arrangements