The National Urban Assessment (NUA) for Azerbaijan is one of the first of a knowledge-product series being prepared for ADB developing member countries.  The objective is to provide an assessment of the urban sector and urbanisation processes currently at work in Azerbaijan and to identify urban priorities and actions that can be supported by the ADB and other international financial institutions.

The assessment provides an analysis of the history, economy, urbanisation level, governance, finance and competitiveness of Azerbaijan’s urban sector and outlines the status of its primary urban infrastructure sectors as well as the urban sector interventions of ADB and other key development partners. It presents a national strategic vision for the urban sector and recommends priorities and actions for urban sector development.

As one of the first of the series of NUAs, the assessment also further develops and adapts the methodology set out in the ADB Manual for Undertaking National Urban Assessments.


Core Techniques

Asset Audit | Comparative Advantage | Strategic Planning