The 40ha West Kowloon Cultural District is located in downtown Hong Kong on the harbourfront.  The District includes world-class arts, cultural, and entertainment facilities mixed with residential and commercial development, piazzas and a large city park.

Waters Economics team members led the original consultancy work that identified West Kowloon as a possible location for an arts and entertainment hub.  Over the last 15 years, the team has worked on a range of planning, financing, governance and implementation projects for West Kowloon.

The Performing Arts Governance strategy, undertaken with arts management specialists Positive Solutions, considered how the proposed 10+ facilities would be operated and managed.  The team proposed a range of solutions including outsourcing the operations to a limited number of theatre management companies with clear performance targets to meet cultural, community, financial and other targets.

Main image by Jo Schmaltz & circle image by Foster + Partners

Core Techniques

Market Positioning | Governance Arrangements | Performance Measurement