Victoria Harbour is Hong Kong’s defining natural asset, but inadequate planning and poor management mean that the harbour represents a wasted opportunity for Hong Kong. This is the view of the 100 or so companies that make up the Harbour Business Forum (HBF). 

Waters Economics team members led and authored the Vision and Delivery Plan for the HBF. The strategy built on the combined experience of HBF members, research and advocacy. Further analysis, workshops and consultation provided an evidence-based business case for changes to the existing harbour planning system and a delivery plan showing who, what and how the vision could be implemented. 

Prior to the assignment, the government and HBF had differing views. Through the stakeholder visioning workshops, which brought together public and private sector leaders, the government and HBF found common ground, and are now working collaboratively to implement a strategy. The report was hailed as “exciting and innovative” by the Secretary for Development.

Core Techniques

Policy Formulation | Governance Arrangements | Business Case